26 thoughts on “Sand Between Your Toes

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  2. Oh I only wish to feel warm sand in between toes… here it is so cold, still! We had to dig out hats and gloves again! 🙂 Lovely photo Joe, the colors of sand, sea and sky are so beautiful together. I love the composition also!


    • I can’t believe it’s still so cold over there. Just think when it finally gets hot and humid over there you will be longing for the cooler weather. We have been fairly lucky over here with only a handful of hot and humid days, with the majority of days dry and in the 70’s and 80’s degrees F. Usually I have to put my air conditioning on mid May and leave it on all summer until mid September. I am saving a bundle on electric bills this year.


    • Thank you Pat, the sand on Long Island being we are one continuous beach is really fine. The only problem is no matter how many times you try to gat the sand off your feet you still track it everywhere 😀 Have a great day.


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