38 thoughts on “In The Summertime !

      • Bess Jones says:

        Ha! Yes, Bill has been telling me how hot it is over on the East Coast. We always want what we don’t have huh Joe? lol 🙂


        • It always seems like we always want what we can’t have, LOL. I had 2 dogs years ago and I would give each of them a bone and about an hour later one dog would have both bones, LOL 🙂


          • Bess Jones says:

            I’m guessing the other dog always missed out? I know how that feels Joe, oh for some heat over here! Mind you Bill and I are off to Spain in a month, so it should be plenty hot and humid there! Yay for me! lol 🙂


              • Bess Jones says:

                At least he didn’t miss out 🙂
                Thank you Joe, I’m really looking forward to the break, and of course to seeing Bill. It’s been a little while. 🙂
                Have a great day!


  1. LB says:

    and running because of the hot sand, too, I’ll bet!
    I’m so lucky to live right on the river … but I sure look forward to some time on the shore this August.


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