New York, Photography

Where Do The Children Play


I thought this old fashioned “Merry Go Round” was kind of cool but it seemed kind of weird there were no children on this beautiful day. It reminded me of the Cat Stevens tune “Where Do The Children Play”. I hope you enjoy.

Fujifilm X100s – 1/500 @ f/5.6 – ISO 200


17 thoughts on “Where Do The Children Play

  1. I have beautiful memories with my mother and my friends on Merry go around.

    The kids are playing this days in the internet, is a shame how parents keep there kids in the house wasting electricity.

    Thank you for this blog it brought me great memories .

    Thousand hugs


    • HaHa you got that right Meho 🙂 It really is a shame that kids don’t have a real childhood anymore where they go out and socialize and play sports with other children. Have a great day.


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