Eastern State Penitentiary (Part Five)


In this section of the prison we will visit the Hospital wing. Back in the days when this prison was operational the doctors were brought here to perform surgery rather than transporting dangerous prisoners to local hospitals.


This is the entry door to the surgical suite and it was so deteriorated with the peeling paint I had to take a photo of it.


This is the operating room light and above it is a skylight which the doctors used for surgery before there was electricity. “Scarface” Al Capone had his tonsils removed in this operating room suite.


And speaking of Al Capone this was his cell. He was arrested and brought here on weapons charges and spent one year in this cell. It was said that he knew the warden and was allowed some comforts which other prisoners were not allowed.


I don’t know this cell looks fairly similar to the other inmates cells, LOL.


On our way out of the prison my wife and I couldn’t help but think of what prison life must have been like in this facility when it was operational.


Some light reflecting through an arch top door on our way out.


I hope you enjoyed this short trip through this historical facility. If you are within driving distance of this prison I would strongly suggest visiting and maybe purchasing some T-shirts or other memorabilia that is on sale at the gift shop. It will certainly go a long way towards providing the much needed funds it takes to restore this magnificent facility.

For those of you into paranormal activity here is a link –


24 thoughts on “Eastern State Penitentiary (Part Five)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them Elina, we are thinking of getting a trip together with Robyn Graham, Laurie and myself to go there on a Tuesday night because Robyn told me they open the prison up on Tuesday nights in the summer for photographers. Really wish you lived over here because I know you would join in on that trip 🙂 Have a great evening.


  1. LB says:

    Oh I’m totally interested! I have really loved this series of photos and wonder how you got such clarity and light!
    The natural light coming through the windows is great, too.
    You and Robyn could teach me so much!!
    If we plan far enough ahead I could do it …


    • That would be cool Laurie (I have not been on a field trip since I was a kid). All of the photos were taken in natural light except for the photo of the operating room light because it was just too dark in there. The little fixed lens Fuji I took with me is really a great performer at high ISO so I just set the auto ISO for a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 3200 so I could shoot at a manageable shutter speed (the camera has no image stabilization). A lot of the photos in the 5 posts are probably ISO 800 and higher.


  2. That sounds fabulous Joe! They open on Tuesday evenings in the summer for photographers. It is quite a sight! People bring studio sets, makeup artists, etc. !


    • That would be really cool my wife would really be into that. I should see if Laurie from Life on the Bike blog would be interested, that would be so cool 🙂


  3. I am really enjoying your series, Joe! It is taking me back to a place I am so intrigued by. Al lived pretty glamorously even in prison, did he not? And the cross in the gate, how about that? I don’t know what it represents, did you learn that? I really like the second image and the irony of it! Thanks again for sharing my posts on this subject. My inbox has been all aflutter since you shared them! Smiles, Robyn


    • I am glad you are enjoying the series Robyn 🙂 Out of all the wonderful historical places to see in Philadelphia my wife and I enjoyed the prison the most and as you say it is very intriguing. The cross on the gates signifies the hospital wing (Red Cross). I am really glad to hear about your inbox dilemma, LOL. I want to thank you again for letting me share your wonderful images and words on my blog. I think we should get a field trip together for some bloggers and all meet at Eastern State 🙂 Have a wonderful day.


    • Thank you very much Cee 🙂 My wife is very intrigued by places that she hears are haunted and she said this place was on the TV show Ghost Hunters (TAPS) so we had to go here when we visited Philly. Thank you again your kind words and have a great day 🙂


    • Thank you Frank 🙂 I’ll try to do more like this whenever I find someplace interesting enough to warrant it. Have a great day 🙂


    • I guess Capones cell did because he had lamps too 🙂 Maybe they ran an extension cord from the wardens office they said Capone knew him, LOL.


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