Cathedral Of Saints Peter And Paul


This is the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. It is an imposing Brownstone structure that was just across the road from a hotel we were staying in on a recent trip the city of Philadelpia.


It is also one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen. I do have a soft spot for any sort of brownstone building such as the older apartments in Brooklyn and NYC but this cathedral is just a spectacular example of brownstone construction. As you can see from the plaque it is also a very old structure.


The carvings and details on this building are really incredible, and the pictures really do not do justice to this magnificent cathedral.


Here is a night view from our hotel balcony at the Embassy Suites at Center City Philadelphia.


I hope you enjoy.

All photos taken with a Fujifilm X100s


25 thoughts on “Cathedral Of Saints Peter And Paul

    • The cathedral was immense Elina and I kept on asking Terry what she thought it was when we were in the hotel room. When we wandered out into the city after getting settled in to the hotel we finally figured out it was a cathedral. The night shot is from the balcony of our hotel room on the 17th floor with the X100s and that has a fixed 23mm lens (equals about 35mm effective focal length on the APS – C sensor). We really loved the city and the weather was just gorgeous. Have a great evening 🙂


  1. LB says:

    That first one shows the beautiful detail and the second shows the immensity of the building. An awesome structure!!
    I need to visit Philadelphia … it’s been years! Another blogger I follow is a runner from Phili and he shares scenes from the city. Definitely makes me want to visit!


    • Thank you Laurie 🙂 When we visited I did notice that everyone was either jogging or riding bicycles. I really made me feel out of place, LOL.


  2. It is a beautiful place, Joe! I always enjoy mass there! Although, the beauty is often a distraction as I can’t stop myself from being absorbed in my surroundings!


    • Are you that close to the cathedral ? If I would have known that we could have had coffee and shot the breeze about city 🙂 We were staying at the Embassy Suites right across the the street – Benjamin Franklin Parkway.


      • I am about 45 to 60 minutes from the city depending on traffic. It isn’t a bad trip in and I thoroughly enjoy going in for day trips – museums, sporting events, etc., etc., Next time you are in town, let me know!


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