11 thoughts on “Beach Hut

  1. jaytee59 says:

    The most impressing thing is, I didnยดt think that you made this shot, when i first saw it …. after psycho-bricks and broken windows, destroyed houses, rust and wood, places of fear , hallucination and destruction …this something different, puhhh I have to get used to it. LOL Greetings from the heart of europe !


    • HaHa I faked you out, LOL. I love the way you described the images from the institutions I’m still laughing. Have a great day my friend ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Love the mix of straight and curved lines here along with the full tonal range and shadow in the left portion of the frame. I get a warn sunny feel here. I like that you left the fence on the right the leads me to the entrance to the surf beyond. Great image Joe.


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